Monday, December 05, 2005

who's the criminal mastermind..?

Well, I'll tell you who its not..


I went to watch a movie today. And as it ended, I noticed another movie was starting up in the next cinema. Eager to be cheap and not pay for a second ticket, and indulge in some victimless crime, I pondered on the job for a few seconds while in the loo, and then snuck into the second movie..


Except that even this act raised my heart rate. I couldnt figure out how I could be caught (except for some gestapo style random ticket check at the cinema.. which never happens).. but still.. I could almost hear the Mission Impossible theme playing in my head as I walked into the second movie..

"your mission, should you choose to accept it..."

I'm obviously not cut out to be Ethan Hunte just quite yet.

Bummer.. guess I'll have to stay a damn upstanding citizen after all.

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