Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The 3 Unwise Men of the East

Keeping with holiday spirit, albeit belated, this is homage to smaller flashes in larger constellations.

THEY were the 3 unwise men of the east, pretending to be otherwise;
Ze En , who bore flowery syntax and dead pans,
Ze Kke who bore ancient lyrics and melancholy , and
Ze Munky who generally bored himself. Their song went like this ..

We three things of orient are,
Swearing wits, we traverse afar
Tap and fountain, moor and mountain
Seeking a perfect bar.....

Although if you watered Ze Kke enough, he might sing
Well, I got here following the southern star,
I crossed that river just to be where we are..

At which Ze Munky would panic, 'Where's my cloak..(temporary incoherence)..did you burn incense near it again..'

With his dead pan, Ze En said, 'Relax, man.Where are the camels heading though?Maybe we should call, and wake up the salamander and ask''.

Ze Munky would simply blink his pretty lashes, and giggle, hoping it would get him in the clear again and that he wouldn't have to, heaven forbid, think of directions. Yahoo maps were much later you see. 'He he he.I didn't listen to the candle, so no.He he he. That was funny.He he he.Everything's funny. He he. But we can always go to the next star and turn around...'

'Please shut up.' said Ze Kke. 'I think you should give me your cloak and ride my camel for me. It is the only reason we asked you to come along anyway.'

'Dont say that, da.' said Ze En. ' I love him. And I love you too. Didn't you get my card?' He kisses Ze Munky tenderly on the cheek, who winces, then blushes.

Through a cloud of incense smoke, Ze Kke excitedly said ' No da, I want spooning.I want to see some spooning also. Can we have some spooning?'

'Be calm, Ze Kke. This is what we will do, ' said Ze En. He proceeded to lift the horrified Ze Munky's cloak till the bare skin (gasp) of his back could be seen.On it, glowing in the moonlight, was a detailed, anal map....

Which is why there were digarette butts and empty water bottles found near the manger.

And the rest is herstory.On that note, season's beatings and happy cold beer.


coriander salamander said...

o great wise boobette
lying on side
youre a starlet
spinning them utterance
quite the songstress
banging bleeding
ahead in the game
see you sunday
good night
god bless.

zen said...

this might be the best poem ever.

boobette.. what a great name is thine.

and what's is with this sudden obsession with spooning?

"spooning" is now officially the word of the day.