Wednesday, December 14, 2005

after sometime it would sound like " mara mara mara" which in hindi means "die die die"

The travelling circus consists of five Indians who live in Eastern North America They meet over long weekends and holidays such as Thanksgiving. The group’s meetings primarily consist of drinking and conversation,while other friends come and go. The group is gifted in its ability to make each other the butt of jokes, creating, a rather comfortable milieu that even temporary participants and passers-by tend to enjoy. Some are more gifted in narratives and story-telling, some more so, in plain old verbal abuse.
Comic narratives form a large chunk of the conversation in this group’s meetings. The stories are also primarily about the circus members themselves and in making fun of each other through these stories that are told and retold, they confirm the the group’s solidarity.
The circus itself consists of two female undergraduate students Khemcho and coriandersalamander and three fools zen, Kogi and minky. (minky, unfortunately, is missing.) They are all gathered in an average college student living room, conversing while kogi, the designated bartender has provided everyone with White Russians. The dynamics of this gathering are partly moulded by the relationships. The goal of the conversation is pure entertainment, or, the conversation itself, while the topics revolve around the participants. While becker's "vision of sanity" may not be evident...The goal lies perhaps, in what Tannen describes as “the emotional/aesthetic experience of a perfectly tuned conversation” where every circus memeber has a distinct role:

Kogi: OK. I shall describe. what happened.
khemcho: haaaaahahaahaha ha ha ha and salamander: mmmhehehe
. zen: And I'll have to tell you the truth aaafter that.
Kogi: oh fuck off da.
barkingmouse: Oooh so it was with you ?
zen:yaah (morosely)
(khemcho hhaaahahaaahaaaaahaaaahclap haa clapp ha)
. barkingmouse: okay. Tell me
. Kogi: Man, I am not going to say any lies da.
She was really... you were...she was drunk out of her mind. She passed out.
. Zen(interrupts): NO. The difference is not that she was paaassed out. but that she didn'twantto move.
. Kogi: Ya. So..
. zen: (interrupts again) you know when like people are passed you pick them up and they like flop and you can carry them?
. kogi: She was like that. (imitates a stiff fetal position, sitting up)
(Both kogi and zen, kogi glows, is fetal and looks retarded)
. zen: She rolled over and she was like that (imitates stiff fetal position horizontally) and so I am trying to scoop her up. And so, I'm trying to carry her but she's still in this V! and she is slipping.
(barkingmousehehahahahaha barkbark)
Kogi: So, all of a sudden I am coming out and I see Zen carrying this girl and she is like this (imitates stiff position again)
. zen: and you know when you carry some one they are like that and kind of you know and they plop (imitating). So I was trying to hold her head and her knees. But, then I am doing that (showing action) because then her head will loll and then you know she is like slipping down
Kogi: you know her spine is not a problem it is basically 'this V shape. And then after a point zen maaakes it to the bedroom and I hear this sound: DADDDADDDUDDDUM
I said, “what happened?”
and he goes, "Machaan, I just dropped her da"
zen:And again so I yeah I had managed to get her head on to the bed which was the important thing and then I dropped her
khemcho(who is now awake): and the best is Minky and Kogi...these guys they are not even bothering to ...they are just watching
. zen(interrupting): and they are watching like that (imitates retarded bemused expression)
(everyone laughs)
.Kogi: No da, but, the worst thing I think I ever did to you was sitting next to you and clapping and laughing, while you were puking ...

feels good to be hear...thankyou.


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Aslan said...

aur taaliyan..

Aslan said...

have a gang like that ourselves [Chinmayites say aye]- named ddboyz, frm dd milestone at kadavanthra- where we used to meet to fag n' do the 'make each butt of jokes' n' 'comic narrative' thingy. so, can really relate to this.. we shud advance frm yahoogroup to blog someday. most r comp-illiterate, so that day is far away.

coriander salamander said...

as was once said by an awkward friend: "its not about what comedy can do for you, its about what you can do for comedy"

oyeretivagina the taaliyan betternot be you smug sarcasm

zen said...

"oyeretivagina the taaliyan betternot be you smug sarcasm "

my dsylexic mistress of inverted syntax.. should that be "oye teri vagina"?

if so, thats deemed a new classic- right up there with cuntpiece. :-)