Wednesday, November 30, 2005

My first few days in blessed Chennai

Drove out of the airport and was hit with the fine aroma of fermented piss.

Looks like I will be spending most mornings with my head stuck with needles. Acupuncture rules!!!

It’s a myth that you can no longer drive in India once you are used to driving in the US of A.

Showed middle finger to a cop. It felt so good.

Swore at an auto-rickshaw driver in Tamil. That felt even better. I am sure he was wondering why I was laughing at the end of tirade.

You can STILL drive on the opposite side of the road and it does not cause much concern.

1 veg thali, molaguthani soup, 1 non-veg special thali, mutton fry, lime juice... cost = $5.21 = Awesome!!!

My dad still uses his phantom break when he is in the car with me. Our roles are reversed now… “Let’s go to Landmark, buy some books and then eat some ice-cream”

My mother still thinks that I am a virgin.

I now live in fear of being abducted by mosquitoes...


Aslan said...

heehee. haha. hoho. mulligatawny soup, eh? swearin at autodrivers is capital. yenjoy pannengu.. ;)

Anonymous said...

tere daaman se jo aayee un havaaoon ko salam
choom loon main us zubaaaan koo jis pe ayeee tera naam
sabse pyaaarri subah teri sabse rangeen teri shaam
tudghe pe dil kurban


- hum bulbulain from gulistan

Anonymous said...

Stupid, to whom did you loose your virginity?

Space Cadet said...

have your folks set up "interviews" for you yet?

Zeminky said...

it cant stop raining in your lousy city for two minutes to let a test match happen. i hope you choke on a bun-anda and get the worst case of delhi-belly before your 16 hour I did. praise the lord for immodium.

immodium is outstanding

Anonymous said...

only for you, any sex before you are 31 doesnt really count.
therefore your mother is quite right

Anonymous said...

Kogi Kaishakunin

u r not fooling ur mother, u r fooling urself.

Kogi Kaishakunin said...

Space Cadet, no interviews setup. My master plan of showing up un-announced is working :-)

Die Zeminky die !!! Khemcho, please take the unicum and force feed him.

I think I will have to turn off anonymous posting thanks to evil little Salamander and Khemcho!!!