Friday, September 22, 2006

cool baldman

An ex- close friend of an ex-boyfriend of mine was passing through my new town. So we went out to dinner. He likes sushi so I researched and found the best sushi place I was told about. We eventually reached sushi ko at around 10. It is a small restaurant. The waitress was friendly but sleepy and when we asked her if the person sitting at one end of the sushi bar near the bathroom was Andre Agassi. She said yes, he comes here all the time.

He was soft spoken. Waved good bye politely and told the others at the bar that it was nice meeting them, thanked the staff.

my friend was mad that he didnt bring his tennis racket so he could get it autographed.

He looks much smaller live

the sushi was delicious

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Martinis at the Keswick

I had bought tickets for the Pink Martini concert many moons ago. I was waiting for some strange person to show up who could be dragged there for company. Low and behold, Ms. Flipflopsinwinter appeared. She seemed strange enough and off we went...

The lead singer of band, China Forbes is hot, gorgeous with a voice that can hypnotise you. To top it off she sings in five different languages and moves with such beauteous grace. Yes, I am in love and black is the color of my true love's hair... But enough about my true love. The rest of the band was amazing too. The cello was indeed the sound of a soul crying. The trumpets made you want to leap out and LIVE. The drums made your heart thump. The songs were funny, soulful, full of joy and melancholic all at the same time. The night all in all was a wonderful cocktail indeed...

Friday, September 15, 2006

Sharing a cigarette

I dont often lend cigarettes, just the same way as I dont lend optimisim. Not out of choice, but somehow I very rarely come across people asking for one. These days, nobody cares. Everyone seems to have their pack or nobody seems to want to ask a stranger. The days of sharing cigarettes are long gone I realise; the days of university.

I often look forward to offering a cigarette to some one wishing to bum one. And I would gladly hand one; helps networking, I figured.

But this other day, I was on the other side of the story. The pack was over and I didnt have the time to pick a new one. I was in a rush to catch the flight. I got through immigration and realised that I did have about 15 minutes before boarding began.

I decided to try my luck at the smoked filled cigarette lounge. There were a few people scattered around the room. I took a seat, carefully surveying as to whom to approach. Who would be the one who would hand me one without any reluctance. I am very careful when it comes to an opportunity to get rejected. So I always measure my steps, read body language and then come to an informed decision on whom to approach. As a result, I have missed out many a promotion, autograph and introductions.

As I finished a 2-minute survey of the far right corner of the room, I heard,

"Would you like a cigarette?"

I knew it was her, I knew it was a Davidhoff but I couldnt believe my eyes.

She was there, in her dark blue suit, with the hair starched & wavy, make-up solidly splayed on and the smile, as knowing as ever.

- Yes, I would like one -

As I wasnt carrying my lighter either, a gold plated lighter gun immediately sprung up and lit the ciggy.

- Its a pleasure to have met you -

"Really. Why is that?"

- Its not often one comes across... someone who has managed to captivate me -

"I have?"

- Yes ma'm, you indeed did -

"Thats strange, I dont think I have ever met you. Am sorry, my memory fails me often".

Not sure if she was taking the piss or it was just her modesty, I smiled.

I assured her that its not her fault.

"Ok, where did you meet me?"

- It was a long time ago ma'm -

"I am waiting.."

I couldnt believe my eyes, really. I normally would pounce upon such surreal moments with full gusto. Today there was nothing.

Through the smoky lounge and beyond the full length windows, I could only hear:

.. Rainsbows and waterfalls run..
In the garden I see
West purple shower bells and tea..
Pretty music I hear
So happy and loud..
Feel sunshine sparkle pink and blue.. *

"You are a strange little fella you know", she said as she stubbed hers out.

"Have a good day" she said and the heels clicked by.

* Shuggie Otis on Strawberry Letter 23