Saturday, March 24, 2007

And so it ends...

This is not how he would have wished to leave his mark on the World Cup 2007. But unfortunately this is the image that will be stuck in minds of billions of viewers. Bowled through bat and pad by an young fiery upstart. Hunched down as if the ball had kept low, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar leaves his World Cup career bereft of any magic. Memorable magic on the sport field can happen when the chips are down and the stage is big. SRT consistently failed in such scenarios. Our lives have seen good performances from the little master but they all have been empty of the final victory.

And hence the World Cup 2007 has come to a crashing halt for the Indian cricket team. Hopes of billions have been dashed. And the big three of my generation will leave this game without a WC to their name. I don't know why but it saddens and depresses me. But it does. It really really hurts to see this team bow out of the tournament without even a whimper. At least it did not end with violence and death like it did for the Pakistanis.

The only bright spot in this cup has been the voice of one lone gentleman. With Bangladesh well placed in the chase, his voice softly intoned, "If we can get half the side out for 150, we still have a chance". With Dravid fighting valiantly at the end he prayed, "Dravid must do something to see us home". He did not lose hope until the final ball. And notice the use of the words we and us cause the speaker was not Indian. He was John Geoffrey Wright. Hats off to you my friend. If it is was left to me I would honor you with an Indian citizenship, little as it is worth for I know not how to thank you.