Monday, June 19, 2006

Vot am I doing?

Sitting in the cool,
conditioned booksellers cafe,
when I hear, "I'm really offended
you suggested that. Sir,"
cross little rosy-cheeked white waitress,
flustered at not-so-white accusation,

While I searched for my voice,
words which
may well be vords,
vich vell may, BE words.
I am a hindi-spiced English
speaker you see,

Distracted by the dispute
and rosy cheeks, pretending
aspiring to be rosy, rhythmic
like the girl in the bookseller's cafe
caught-up writing,
by the vindow
contemplating her voice.


burningyellowcandle said...

aah yes. and i have a dunkin donuts voice

coriander salamander said...
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coriander salamander said...

"the sea refuses no river. the idea is to remain in the state of constant departure while always arriving it saves on introductions goodbyes. the ride requires no explanation"