Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Down to the Knopfler stageline

I always wondered when I was sitting at Knopfler's 2005 concert about those guys near the stage and how did they get those tickets. This year, the future President of America, Zen and I were one of those guys. I don't have any words to describe this concert. The picture says it all. We had 5th row seats and towards the end, Zen and I went right up to the stage. Technically his 2005 concert blew this one out of the water but seeing the sensei of the chill so close that we could observe his unique guitar technique and hear off the mike conversations was faboulous. I only wished I had a real camera, like this guy and that Wenerd was there.


Wenerd said...

Bugger didnt know until now that he is touring again and the fact that he has released a new album with Emmylou babe. interesting. lucky f'ers - 2 in 2 yrs

Kogi Kaishakunin said...

You need to buy that album. Orey countryish and right up your alley.

BTW, they finished the show with "Why Worry". Mark's mike malfunctioned and the crowd yelled like mad for him to share Emily's mike, which he did. As you would say... "Beauty bugger beauty"

coriander salamander said...

most cute. most cute.