Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Man at the Mann

I love all of the people
Yes I share the feast
So drink up my wine
And the song in my bones
I know the way
I can see by the moonlight
Clear as the day
Now come on
Come follow me home 1

A bespectacled, balding, 55 year old man ambled onto the stage wearing sneakers, jeans and a t-shirt and took the Mann Center by storm for two hours. To many he will always be the front man of Dire Straits but for me Mark Knopfler can be whatever he chooses to be.

For 2 hours he held me and the rest of crowd at the Mann enthralled by being electrifying, sublime, effortless and intense all at the same time. Nonchalantly switching guitars in mid song to play the finale for Sailing to Philadelphia just showed that he was the sensei of the chill. Listening to him belt out Sultans of Swing, Telegraph Road , Brothers in Arms was like taking a walk down memory lane for me. Ah sweet melancholy...

...cos I've run every red light on memory lane... 2

In contrast to the Dylan concert yesterday, Knopfler clearly showed that you don’t need to rework the entire song to make it seem fresh. All you have to do is tweak and extend. My only complaint…I wish he had played longer and that Wenerd was there.

1. Follow Me Home - Dire Straits
2. Telegraph Road - Dire Straits


wenerd said...

Good that you enjoyed it man. We still keep talking about the show here - the 'sublime'ness and all that.

Managed to see some pictures of the Phili show at http://www.guyfletcher.co.uk/guyedit/2005td/2005td73.html

Its a good site - as you get total dope on what goes on to get their act together day in and day out. You can also check out the autorickshaw race episode in Bombay. Its just mind blowing to think that they have done some 80 shows in 120 days and all over the place. Suppose thats what all world tours are like!

Are you going for the Live8 concert in Phili? What with Mr. Waters and Mr. Gilmour shaking hands and getting together again! They are showing it live here on VH1 starting tom 5.30pm. Waiting with ore anticipation only.

Kogi Kaishakunin said...

Yes, I have been keeping up with Guy Fletcher's sight. I am still euphoric from the experience.

Did not go for the Live8 concert in Philly. Don't want to deal with the crowds.

Man, I am jealous they are showing the Floyd concert on VH1. Hope it makes it way to America. Our kind of music seems to be happening more in India...

Goan Pao said...

Fame does funny things to you...
and so does age...
Funny how Dylan could ruin a concert...
But am glad that are Mark Knopfler fans around..he can do amzing htings with his guitar

Barry...no I mean zeminky said...

wow you got spammed by a hot stock tip which no doubt wall street is foolishly ignoring. This leads me to my main point. Don't call me Barry. If you must have a pseudonym , call me Uncle. Nah, just call me zeminky