Saturday, May 14, 2005

kids and crack

In keeping with the general theme of my blogs, I'll probably live to regret saying this.. but here goes... A little while ago, and perhaps under the influence of substances of a dubious nature, i made an interesting realization.

Having a kid is like developing a crack habit.

"What is this blasphemous bollocks he spouts?" I hear you say.. but hear me out. So what do crackheads and parents have in common?

1. Most of their days are spent thinking about their habit
2. Most their money is spent on sustaining their habit
3. They drift off from their old friends and start to hang out with other people who have the same habit
4. They stop leading the full lives they had before in order to make more time for their habit
5. After sustaining the habit for a long time, they are left shells of the people they used to be..

A somewhat cynical approach some would say. But there you go.

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Space Cadet said...

As a teacher in an area where crack is a common problem, I felt like I had to comment.

When I first starting reading your post, I thought you were spewing rubbish..... but WHAT A GREAT ANALOGY!

I agree that "good" parents are like crack heads.... they change their lifestyle to accomodate their "habit".

But where I teach, there are young men and women who have children together and nothing changes in their lifestyle. They still party, live in the same shitty neighborhood, hang out on the corner, and have sex with other "baby mamas/dads."

So I wish your analogy was true for some of the parents of my students.

I think you should get high more..... you're giving us pearls here.....