Monday, May 23, 2005

From cave man to comp guy

Somewhere along the way we went from being fire-making, hunter-gathering, animal taming men to the nacho-eating, grande latte drinking, videogame playing blokes. And the closest we come to being 'animal' (outside of rare moments in the sexual arena) is when we're killing alien-zombie hybrids on a ring shaped planet on Halo. Or is it... ? When mulling on this very question, I came upon another string of analogies...

(and I apologise if this seems to be the style of all my blogs.. how is A like B?)

Is the pride from connecting all the cables in our complicated music-tv-dvd systems and programming the VCR what remains of the joy of building that cave fire? And is that manly feeling from roasting meat on the barbeque whats left over of the primitive hunter? And is the urge to drive giant trucks what passes for taming wild horses? *

* This applies to many truck like vehicles.. but not for red corvettes.. which is just a man's way of saying "I have a really small penis and need to compensate".

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yesbob said...

isn't that why there is so much pointlessness and stress these days ?