Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Of countless cups of French vanilla and hopeless diets

So here I am burning midnight oil most nights... not for myself, but to stay awake and keep people I know company. Lately I have wondering if its more difficult to have a successful career - you know- like work hard at getting ahead in the rat race- make tonnes of money which you have time to spend... or live the good life by not having all that success and money to deal with... who am I kidding. They are both bloody tough... now ofcourse we all wish we had the best of both worlds and I am sure that is possible... when you figure it out let me know- and let me make the money!

I watched I am Sam (yes finally) and cried buckets of tears (no surprises there as usual!) and agreed on the simple theory (that most email forwards propagate- ) Live each day as though it were your last. Hell then I wouldn't have to worry bout saving and holidays in the Caribbean or more realistically what to cook for dinner or losing weight!!

Is this a woman thing... to not be happy with the present always looking for 'improvement' and not living in the moment? ok- don't answer that!

Right now I am all geared up to change the world and find a recipe for whirled peas.

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