Sunday, August 15, 2004

Dangling conversation

Loacation: Chennai, India
Date: Dec 6th 2002
Scenario: 4 healthy individuals after a healthy dose of Ganga Jamuna (a potent herbal cocktail, best smoked) have transformed themselves into alligators and are lazing in the afternoon heat safe within the room known as Zen's lair.
Characters (in order of appearance): Male - Wenerd KK, Zen / Female: Nuka

Wenerd: What is the bugger saying man?
KK: I am the king of the hill
Zen: Put macha put macha put
Nuka: Shhhhh…
Zen: Who me?
KK: Up yours
Wenerd: Bugger Zen is singing man
KK: Nee guddalu yenugu madda
Nuka: All g**** men are chuths as they are horny
KK: Cool babe
KK: Remember in Ooty da…
Wenerd: Ya man

Zen tells a joke
KK tells a joke
Zen tells one more (Wenerd says he has heard this one)

Nuka: Women might talk about sex in conversation
Zen: I once kissed girl who tasted like an ashtray
Zen: Wenerd I am sure girls might be passively getting stoned when they kiss you?
Wenerd: I don’t know man
KK: Zen you are a f*****

Zen calls AB a monkey man for reasons unexplained

KK: I quite personally think it’s unfair to talk about people when they are nt around. dont you think so?
Wenerd: It's called bitching and it happens all the time.

Zen states that he was quoting the lyrics to a song, which was promptly and evilly interpreted by Wenerd and KK.

KK claims he can speak the best mallu in the laire.
Zen: Bollocks, whats mallu for a light switch?
KK: Vaidyuta gamana nirgamana niyantrana yantram
Wenerd: What's rape in mallu?
KK: Balalsangham
Gets everyone excited by this revelation.

Zen stares at the geiss visualisation on the computer screen and discovers that Bill Gates has to be a stoner too.

Zen abuses Wenerd for no reason.
Clearly Zen emerges as the evil one.
And Wenerd emerges as a psychotic despotic maniac.

Zen is singing Neil D stoned
Zen continues to talk trash about AB. See what I am telling you…

Now KK, Nuka and Zen are talking about 'Tweeter and the monkey man'. There goes Zen again.

Nuka amuses the gathering with wild stories of Vellore. The swapping couples and then eventually marriage type of thing.

KK and Zen disagree with Nuka on love matters.

KK: Let’s go man.
Wenerd: Ya


wenerd said...

I can see some creative additions made by KK to the dangling conversation. I clearly dont remember the following being said or it being in the original script!


Zen: Bollocks, whats mallu for a light switch?
KK: Vaidyuta gamana nirgamana niyantrana yantram


Aslan said...

Ha Ha.. You bet! ;) If KK could say that then, I've got tifosi!