Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Days of being wild - Part I

The lights of the TopTown Karaoke shimmered and beckoned. "Let’s put one bugger, before we go", whispered Wenerd. I obeyed him. We allowed the carcinogens infused with wonderful kaya to seep into our conscious. I know not if we were conscious from that point on. We walked towards the building with the blinding lights like knights before a conquest.

We were accosted by a lower level demon outside the place who welcomed us in. We said all we want is Angkor beer and karaoke. "No problem", he said and ushered us in. The first thing I saw was shoes. Lots of them. And they were moving and whispering in Khemer. All of a sudden there was this big fat shoe in front of us leading us up some stairs and right into a room. While climbing the stairs I noticed some terrace farming happening at the end of the hall. They were cultivating shoes. Fucking live ones at that. I was slowly starting to shit bricks.

We kept chanting, "Beer and karaoke", as if that mantra would keep us from harm. We saw a door looming up in front of us. Big Shoe flipped the sign hanging on the door and led us into a room. We continued chanting our mantra. But no one was listening to us. Another shoe trotted in holding a Sudarshana Chakra in her hand. “Bugger, we won’t be able to afford this. The room, the shoes and that damn chakra looks expensive”, whispered Wenerd. He immediately turned to Big Shoe and announced, “We want to piss. Show us the bathroom.” She glared us and led us across the room into a hallway and pointed towards the end. We spied an exit sign right opposite the bathrooms and we made directly for it. But exit it was not. We found ourselves in this maze of rooms with VIP signs. I saw one with VIP No 6 written on it. “Dey, 6 is my lucky number. Let’s go.” I cried. And we went…

To be continued…

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