Monday, December 06, 2004

Say NO to Unicum

That was the sign off message on the email from Aditman on his last email. If you are wondering what Unicum is…it is the most foul smelling and evil tasting liqueur ever brewed on Earth.

The first time I had it was this past Thanksgiving. After a night of drinking out with Zen, Aditman, the Salamander and la padrona del sole, my inebriated state prompted me to down three shots of it with the Salamander who promptly passed out. I was then about to proceed to have an unprecedented fourth shot when the bottle was packed away by Zen and it was suggested that I hit the sack. The taste lingered even the next morning. Only after swallowing some mouthwash (YES, I downed some Listerene) did the foul odor and taste go away.

But then Mohanlal enjoys it. He claims Gulgulu Thithaka Arishtam (an ayurvedic medicine) tastes even worse than Unicum. At least the arishtam cures fistula. I don’t think Unicum has any such properties. Like Zen said, it is the sperm of the devil and Mohanlal is really the anti-Christ.

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